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Writing Cas Consumers to send events to WSO2 CEP

Recently we concluded a project to extract traffic data from tweets of This post would be one post of many posts to connect a few dots of our project. My friend Achintha has connected more than a few dots in his blog. I will post links to relevant parts as i proceed with this post.

Initially let me give a brief introduction to the mischief we caused in this project. Our initial aim was to add support to sending events from Apache UIMA framework into the WSO2 Complex Event Processor. We concluded the project by implementing a real world use case of Extracting traffic details using tweets(from and Apache UIMA framework and sending the extracted details as events to WSO2 Complext event processor.

I know many of these terms are new, so let me start by describing some of these and i have included relevant links so that those of you who are interested can do some further reading.

Apache UIMA(Unstructured Information Management Architecture)           Apache UIMA is a framewor…